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Thomas Potts
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Thomas Potts was born about 1582 in Llangirrig, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Thomas Pott was the eldest of the family of Llangirrig so far as we now know, was evidently an aged man at the making of his will in 1654, as his children were then all married and had children of their own, and as he speaks of some of his grand-children as unmarried, it is fair to suppose that some of them were grown up and of marriageable age at that time. He calls himself yeoman which, from the English usage of the word, would indicate that he was a landowner. He was a resident of the Parish of Llangirrig, in Montgomeryshire, above described. His will was made in 1654, and proven in 1661, but as the inventory of his personal effects was filed in 1658, so he probably died in that year.

Will of Thomas Potts, on file in the Consistory Court of Bangor

In the Name . . . on the Eleventh day of August in . . . . .and saviour Jesus Christ .. thousand sixe hundred and fifty foure ..Thomas Pott of the parish of Llangericke in the County of Montgomery yeoman being sicke and weeke in bodye but of good and perfect mynde and memorye prayesed God I doe make this my last Will and testament in maner and forme followeing hereby revokeing disanullinge and makeing voyde and frustrate all former Wills and testaments by me heretofore maide whatsoever and declaring this present writtenige and instrument to be my last Will and testament and none other that is to saye First I Comend my soule unto the hands of Allmightie God my maker and redeemer and my bodye to the earth to be buried in the parish Church of Llangiricke aforesaid in forme of Cristian Buriall Allso I doe hereby give and bequeath to the John Pott my grandchild Sonne of John Pott late of Nantgnernog Eighte Sheepe being in the custodie of the said John Pott late of Nantgnernog aforsaid Allso I doe hereby give and bequeath to Ann my naturall daughter Wife of the said John Pott of Nantgnernog and to Eight of hyr children being unmarried all the rest and residue of my sheepe which are in the Custodye of the said John Pott late of Nantgnernog aforesaid to be equally devided between them Allso I doe herebye give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my naturall daughter wife of William Pound and to hyr ffoure children three pounds which are in the hands of the . . William Pound and which he oweth .. . which said three pounds shall be devided as followeth that is to say t ..shillings thereof to the said Elizabeth and the other Forty shillings to .. hys . .. foure childen that is to say ten . .lings apeece. Allso I . . .. bequeath to Evan Pott my naturall sonne Five . . . .and to . . .. daughter one yearleinge sheepe Allso I doe hereby give and bequeath to . .. my naturall sonne tw . ...grandchild . .. years ould about the first . . .. next . . ..give and bequeath to Margaret Pott my gran sonne John Pott one brasse panne and one boxe of litl . . . . .. I nominate constitute and apointe my well beloved son . . . sole and onely Executor of this my last Will and Testament to paye . . ..arges and to defray my Funerall expences and to execute doe and perform all acts a . .gs for and towards the Fullfillinge and accomplishment of this my last Will and Testament and in consideration thereof I doe hereby give and bequeath to John Pott my naturall sonne and my said Executor all my good chattells implements of husbandry Househould Stuffe and personall Estate whatsoever not before herein given and bequeathed In witnnes whereof I the said Thomas Pott have to this my last Will and testament put my hand and seale even the day and yeare First above written in the presence of the persons undernamed as wittenesses The marke X of Thomas Pott [?seal] the X marke of John Pott the X marke of Hugh Pova Tho Hardinge Clerk