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Thomas Glover
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Thomas Glover was born in about 1569 in Rainhill Parish, Prescott, Lancashire, England and died 13 Dec 1619 in Prescott, Lancashire, England.

From the book; An Account of John Glover of Dorchester, and his descendants. By Anna Glover.

Lancashire is one of the Northern counties of England, and the town of Prescot, in that county, is one of it's most extensive towns. It is bounded on the south by the River Mersey; on the west, by Walton Parish; on the north-north-west by Ormskirk Parish; and on the east by, the Parish of Washington. It's extreme length is twelve miles, from Dalton on the south to Mumford on the north; it's breadth is eight miles. It is situated in the western part of the county, about ten miles from Liverpool in the same county, and two hundred twenty-five miles from London, by railway. It is at this time devided into Parishes, one of which is Rainhill, the birth place of John Glover, who in 1630 emigrated, with others under Gov. Winthrop, to New England, and became the American Ancestor of numerous descendants.

Earl of Lancaster, who held the Duchy in the time of Henry VIII., and sold portions of it in the time of Elizabeth to Thomas Glover, Esq., father of the American emigrant. Thomas Glover conveyed these lands to his eldest son, Mr. John Glover, of Rainhill, afterwards of Dorchester and Boston- who in 1652, by deed of gift, conveyed them to his eldest son and heir apparent, Mr. Thomas Glover, of London, merchant.

Thomas Glover who's marriage is recorded in the Parish records, remained and lived in Rainhill. He purchased lands there of Thomas Lancaster, Esq. son of the Earl of that Duchy, and of Edward Eccleston, Esq., in Ecceston; also of Thomas Gerard, Esq., of William Woodfall in Appleton, and of Lyman Garnet, Esq., and became the possessor of several estates there, all of which he conveyed, before his death to his eldest son John Glover. There is a link wanting in the genealogical chain, which would give a certainty to the family he connects with, as the names of the parents of Thomas Glover, of Rainhill, have never been obtained. Tradition says they origonated in some of the oldest counties of England, as Kent or Warwickshire. Heralds confirm this by the armorial bearings they grant to the families of this line, and from all that has been gathered the strongest presumption, aided by tradition, evinces and determines his relationship and connection with the family of Robert, alias Thomas Glover, Somerset Hareld, whose parents were from Coventry in Warwickshire, and from Ashford in Kent- either by direct decent or by colateral ties in consanguinity; and the same evidence obtains in the belief that there was a relationship or kinship existing between Robert The Martyr, of 1555, and the Somerset Herald, who died in London in 1588.