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Pierre Neau
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Pierre Neau, a Huguenot, born about 1635 in Poitou, France. He married Margaret DuMont on 24 Jul 1660 at the Huguenot French Church of Mannheim, Germany. Pierre, with his wife and infant child, came to Staten Island, New York in April 1663 on the ship De Bonte Koe (the Spotted Cow). They must have returned to Germany as additional children were baptized there in 1670 and 1673.

Moilliart Journay (Meynard Journeay) came in the same passage of the ship "De Bonte Koe" in 1663, with the Neau family. He was listed as from "Walslant", as was Pierre, and is said to have married later the sister of the Pierre's wife Margaret DuMont. The sister's place of residence being given at Middleburg, Zeeland, Holland. Pierre Parmentie and Jerome Bocke also came on the same crossing, and were both listed as from Walslant. It can only be conjectured that this Walslant was "one of the first municipalities controlled exclusively by supporters of the Reformed religion," on the banks of Lake Geneva, as described under Pierre and Francoise (Dubois) Billew or Bellyew, from Walslant in 1661. Walslant was perhaps the birthplace of Pierre; it is not specified as residence. It is possible that a "Chambray" tradition refers to Chambery, Department of Savoy proper, France southwest of Geneva, as a former home of the Neau family.

The location of Pierre on Staten Island seems to have been near John King, Alexander Stuart and Aaron Johnson. He lived by the "hyways goeing mill on the south sid". New Creek, misnamed for him, "gave them access through the salt meadow to the lower bay" on the westerly end "or south shore". Just when Pierre left Staten Island to New York or Elizabethtown, New Jersey, seems uncertain. In 1675, he became an Elizabethtown Associate and in 1687 there is record of the transfer to him by Williams Piles of land now in Clark Township, possibly as a third lot right in Elizabethtown As "Parlivie, alias Peter Noie (Neau)" he acquired 394 acres, later more.

He died 17 Dec 1709 in Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey. The will of Pierre dated 1709, proved 28 Apr 1710, mentions his daughter Mary (Noe) Trembles, and his son John. The latter was married by the Rev. M. Pierre Peiret on Sunday, "2 xbre 1694" in the French Church in Pettycoat-Lane, New York, to Elizabeth or Elisabeth Damaris Girard, elsewhere referred to as Damaris, or daughter of Isaac Girard, whose wife was Marie Roubin. Witnesses: Elie Papin, Elie Van Bert, Charle Denizeau, Jeanne.

From the will and inventory, it seems evident that Pierre lived in 1709 in Rahway "in Elizabeth Town", although he gave to his children respectively, a house at the corner "of a street called Wall Street adjoining to the house and land of Mortier a comb maker", and a house at the corner "of a street called New street by the Broad street and adjoining to the house of Nicholas DePue, deceased", in present downtown New York. The witnesses to this will were: Jeffery Jones, Samuel Whitehead and Joanna Whitehead.