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Phillip Dowell
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Phillip Dowell was born in Calvert, Patuxent, Maryland on 1 Jan 1677. He died 25 Feb 1734 in
Anne Arundel, Maryland, where he owned property on the upper branches of the Gunpowder River. The following will of Philip Dowell lays out his estate.

Will of Philip Dowell of Anne Arundel Co., MD

  "...being weak of body..
Unto my son Philip Dowell, 200 acres out of a tract called New Years Purchase, nigh Gunpowder River in Baltimore county; fifty acres out of a tract called Kemps Desire in Calvert County, including a house lately built by Philip Dowell.
Unto my son Peter Dowell, 250 acres out of my lands called Kemps Desire and Coxes Choice where he things fit to take it, except where I have given my son Philip and 100 acres I gave my son John by deed.
Unto my daughter Elizabeth, the remaining part of Kemps Desire and Coxes Choice.
Unto my son Richard Dowell, the remaining part of New Years Purchase.
Unto my son Philip Dowell, one Negroe called Cezear.
Unto my son Peter Dowell, one Negroe called Harry and one negroe called Will.
Unto my daughter Elizabeth, one Negroe called Tom.
Unto my son John Dowell, a Negroe man now in his possession called Harry.
Unto my son Luke, one Negroe man called James.
Unto my son Richard Dowell, one Negroe woman called Sarah.
Unto my daughter Ann Wilson, one Negroe woman called Bess and her increase now in her possession.
Unto my daughter Mary Breshiers, one Negroe woman called Sarah.
Unto my daughter Charity, one Negroe boy called James now in her and her husband's possession.
My now dwelling plantation to be sold. The remaining part of my estate be equally divided between all my said children.
My two sons Philip and John Dowell and my friend Edward Reynolds, executors. If Edward Reynolds depart this life, his son Thomas be joined executor.

  /s/Philip Dowell


22 Apr 1734, proved by Isaac Simmons Sr, Benoni Holliday, Isaac Simmons Jr

Note: In 1740, some of his children went to court to get their share of Philip Dowell estate. Citation issued to the Sheriff of Calvert Co against Philip Dowell & John Dowell of Calvert Co, extrs of Philip Dowell, late of Annarundel Co, decd, to show cause why they do not pass a final acct on the said decds estate and pay John Brashears (son of Benjamin and Mary his wife and the daughter of said decd her residuary part of the sd decds estate. At the instance and request of the said John Brashears,

Retuned to July Court. Citation having been issued (re: last term) and served by M. Young, Sheriff... The said Philip Dowell and John Dowell appear and pass their account ... whereupon the Process aforesaid is ordered to be discontinued.