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Peter Place
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Peter Place was born 16 Dec 1660 in Suffolk, Massachusetts. He lived in Providence, Rhode Island, as early as 1682, when, on 13 Mar 1682, he petitioned the Town Council for a grant from the town of 40 feet square, above high watermark, by the water side, adjoining land of his master, Thomas Harris. He married Sarah Steere 24 Dec 1685 in Providence, Rhode Island.

According to Beers (Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island) he resided in Providence until shortly after his marriage and then moved to Glocester, Rhode Island, in that part that is now Smithfield near his father-in-law, John Steere who, on May 28, 1695, deeded 6-1/2 acres to Peter and Sarah Place. In 1701 he bought twenty acres of adjoining land from Joseph Tabor of Tiverton. He later moved to the neighborhood of Harmony. On 17 May, 1713, he deeded half of his farm to his son, Joseph, and on 15 May 1714, he deeded his other son, Nathan, 74? acres. On March 5, 1721, his brother-in-law, John Steere, Jr., sold him ten acres of land "on the east side of the Seven Mile Line."

A cooper by trade, he was ordained an Elder of the Six-Principle Baptist Church about 1700 and officiated in Smithfield and Glocester, according to the Steere Genealogy by James Pierce Root.

His will was proved in 1735 with his son-in-law Thomas Shippee of Smithfield as its executor. "To grandson Peter, son of Joseph, 29 acres. To son Joseph, certain land. The homestead to be sold and proceeds divided equally to children, except son Nathan, who was to have half as much as others because he had already had part of his portion. The movable estate to be divided equally to children, except Nathan, who was to have half as much as others." His estate was valued at 847, 19s, 9d personal property, including 4 cows, 2 calves, 5 sheep, and 2 swine, plus 500 in real estate.