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Nicholas Aldridge
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Nicholas Aldridge was born in Dec 1653 and christened 28 Dec 1653 in East Wellow Parish, Hampshire, England. He died 21 Nov 1708 in Seven River, Anne Arundel, Maryland. From the book Aldridge Records, the following is said: “Nicholas Aldridge was living in Anne Arundel County as early as 1678 and perhaps before, when payment of 50 lbs. tobacco was made to him. He was in the rent roll August 1680 for land on the south side Magothy River. In 1707 his rent was twelve shillings for the three hundred acres that was granted to him 1681. Lord Cecilius Culvert of Baltimore the second, took up when his father died in establidshing a colony in Maryland about 1634. The grant included all the land between the fortieth parallel and the southern bank of the Potomac river.”

Thomas and Nicholas Aldridge, who were probably cousins based on East Wellow, England church records, lived in the county of Anne Arundel, Maryland. Thomas was granted by Cecelius Calvert one hundred acres of land called "Aldridge Lott" in Baltimore county, in Chesapeake Bay, and on the eastern side of the bay, and on the west side of Chara Creek. Rent 4 Shillings, 9th June 1675. Nicholas Aldridge was granted by Charles George Calvert the third Lord of Baltimore, three hundred acres land called "Aldridge His Beginning" in Anne Arundel County. The rent was 12 Shillings, signed 11th July 1681. A shilling is worth about $0.07 1/2 so Nicholas paid about $0.90 for his land. Thomas Aldridge paid about $0.30 for his land. We do not know if this rent was collected monthly or yearly. He was 28 years old when he received this land and only lived on this land for 27 years, since he died in 1708, at age 55 years. Thomas and Nicholas land grants were very near one another, both being near the county line of Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties, so near they both attended the same Parish in Anne Arundel, where both their children's birth and marriages were registered.

A Baptism record was found from the church records of East Wellow, Hampshire, England. It reads as follows: Nicholas the son of Nicholas Aldridge the younger December 28th, 1653. A survey record was found in the Anne Arundel County Archives. This record is written in the old English hand.

Aug 20, 1680 By virtue of ... granted unto Henry Hanslop of Ann Arundell County for six hundred acres of land Nicholas Aldrige being dated the 20th day of Aug One Thousand Six Hundred and eighty, three hundred acres was thereof Rent 12 alle Asigned by the said ... unto Nicholas Aldridge of the said county as Apprs. These are Aldrige his beginning therefor in humble manner to cirtificated by Geo: Yates dep: ... for the said Aldridge parcel of land called Aldridge his beginning Lying in the said county on the south side of Magothy River beginning at about ... Oak standing opposite to Eussaral Island and bounding on the said river lying down south south east one hundred acres abound by chestnut tree ... then north north west one hundred acres then east to the ...: And now laid out for three hundred acres of land more or less to be held of the manner of Ann Arundell. Geo: Yates serveyer.