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Matthew Rogers
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Matthew Rogers was born 24 May 1718 in Bertie, North Carolina. In 1738 he married Ann Woods in Augusta, Virginia.

The Rogers family, beginning with Matthew Rogers, settled on Patterson Creek, Frederick County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Matthew was granted 370 acres of Lot 13, Patterson Creek Manor, by Thomas, Lord Fairfax on June 10, 1749. There he built a log house. His neighbors were Joseph Hamblin, David Yart, Jacob Good and Walter Casper. Lot 13 also contained George’s Road. Matthew was later granted another 115 acres along the creek by Lord Fairfax on May 19 1762.

Patterson Creek's source is at Cumberland, Maryland and flows down through the present West Virginia counties of Mineral and Grant.

Matthew died about 1770 in Hampshire, Virginia. Hampshire County was formed in 1754 from Frederick County. Augusta was the county seat. It is now in West Virginia.