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Margaret Du Mont
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Margaret Du Mont was born about 1638 in Poitou, France, which is near the French-German border. She married Pierre Neau in French Church, Manheim, Germany.

Margaret and Pierre came to Staten Island, New York on the ship “De Bonte Koe”, or “The Spotted Cow”. It sailed from Amsterdam on 16 Apr 1663 and arrived sometime between 11 May 1663 and 17 Aug 1663. It appears Margaret and Pierre returned to Germany as several children were baptized there between 1670 and 1673.

In about 1695, Margaret and Pierre settled in the Rahway/Elizabeth area of New Jersey. Margaret’s date of death is unknown.

Possible ancestry:

Father:  Jean Du Mont

Birth: ABT 1611 in Comines,Flanders,France

NAME: Also perhaps known as Petrus Jean Du Mont.

NAME: The name of the father of the listed children has never been documented (as far as I have seen). I am fairly certain that the original researcher came up with the name based on the naming sequence of the grandchildren (which most definitely points at the name Jean/Jan), and good evidence (but somewhat lacking) for the name of the grandmother, Jannetje, wife of Jean. Thus, the evidence for the naming is strictly from the naming seuqence of the grandchildren. All four listed children have the first or second son as Jean/Jan. Two of the children, when associated with the male sequence for Jean, have the daughter in sequence named Jannetje, which I believe is the name of Jean's wife.

LINKS-CHILDREN: One source has other children, born in Ypres, West Flanders, Holland: Philippe (1630 md Anne Delbrec), Anthonie (1632), Daniel (1632), Marie (1632).