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John White
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John White was born 13 Mar 1702 in Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts. He was married to Rachel Benson by Velentine Whiteman, Justice, in Providence.

The first records found of John White was when he sold 37 acres of land in Providence on 11 April 1729.

On 24 November 1729 John White he bought 74 acres of land lying partly in Mendon and partly in Uxbridge for 55 from Joseph Chilson. On 13 January 1731/2 a record is found showing that “John White of Mendon, husband-man, for 34 sold to Benjamin Taft of Uxbridge, husbandman, 30 acres in Uxbridge, a part of his home lot.” Joseph Chillion [Chilson] was one of the witnesses.

On 25 Dec 1734, John sold 51 acres of land partly in Mendon and partly in Uxbridge for 200 to Benjamin Taft; John and his wife Rachel signed by mark. On the same day John bought from Benjamin Taft for "eight score pounds" four score acres of land in Uxbridge "beginning at a forked stump commonly called Jennies his corner which now is Seth Aldrich's corner". The same witnesses, John Johnson, John Watson, and Sarah Johnson (by mark) signed both deeds.

For the next 30 years John and his family lived in Uxbridge and became part of the community. At an Uxbridge Town meeting held 7 March 1743/4 John was elected one of four hogreaves (basically an animal-control officer). On 22 November 1748 John of Uxbridge, husbandman, bought from Samuel Thayer for 180 old tenor 40 acres of Land in the southerly part of Uxbridge that "boundeth on ye Land which ye Said John White now liveth upon." On the same day John bought from Solomon Wood for fifty (?) and six pounds old tenor 14 acres in the southerly part of Uxbridge and bounded on the east by land of Benjamm Archer.

At an Uxbridge Town Meeting held 4 March 1751/2 John was elected one of several surveyors of highways. On 10 November 1755 John White of Uxbridge, husbandman, sold to Noah White of Uxbridge, husbandman, for 20, 40 acres, being the west part of John's farm; John signed by mark and no dower release was recorded. We learn from a later deed for the same land from Noah to Enoch White that Noah was the son of John White. Enoch was probably Noah's brother.

On 30 October 1761, the committee to-divide the Town of Uxbridge into school districts submitted their report; the second district of 46 children included the children of John White, Noah White, and Enoch White along with children from 12 other families. Several of these
families owned land adjacent to John as shown by his deeds mentioned above.

Late in life John decided to move again, trading land in Uxbridge for land in Douglas District (now the town of Douglas). in two deeds dated 19 April 1764, John White of Uxbridge, yeoman, sold to John Jenne of Smithfield, Rhode island, yeoman, two tracts of land in the southerly part of Uxbridge. The larger tract began "at the forked stump commonly called Jenke's Comer" and was described as "being the whole farm I now live on." Both John and his wife Rachel signed the deed by mark.

The other deed, which was for 14 acres bounded on the east by the Land of Benjamin Archer, states that Rachel his wife yielded her rights of thirds, but the clerk only recorded John's signature on the deed, again by mark John acknowledged both deeds on 13 March 1769 but they were not recorded until 5 May. On the same day as the sale of these two tracts, l9 April 1764, John Jenne of Smithfield, yeoman, sold to John White of Uxbridge, yeoman, 60 acres and 64 rods, Lot 39 and the north part of Lot 40 in Douglas District, Worcester County; the deed was
acknowledged I April 1769 but not recorded until 16 September 1772.

On 16 March 1769 John White of Douglas District, husbandman, sold to Paul White of Douglas, husbandman, for 9, seven acres and 98 rods of the north end of Lott 40. John signed by mark and acknowledged the deed 16 March 1769; it was recorded December l.

Finally, in two deeds dated 24 February 1770, John White of Douglas District, yeoman, sold some land in Douglas, acreage not specified, to Nathan White of Douglas, husbandman, and 28 1/2 acres there to Paul White of Douglas, husbandman; John White and his wife Rachel White
signed both deeds by mark. Nathan and Paul were probably their sons.

John died 6 May 1770 in Douglas, Worcester, Massachusetts.

On 1 December 1772, Robert Smith, one of the witnesses to the two deeds, took oath that he had seen John White, the grantor named in the deeds now dec'd, sign seal and freely execute the same as his act and deed.