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John Vestal
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When George Washington marched on command of the Virginia Regiment to Fort Duquesne, he paid John Vestal for ferriage over the Shenandoah on 8 April 1754 and noted John‘s name is the records. John was also named as one of the trustees by the Virginia Assembly in 1772 to keep the roads in repair.

In the 6 Jan 1772 Quaker Meeting records, John was visited for consenting to his daughter's marriage out of unity and providing a wedding for them in his home. This probably referred to daughter Mary who married a Jay who then asked for a certificate to move to Bush River, South Carolina.

John Vestal and Ann his wife were disowned on 3 Aug 1772 supposedly for drinking. They also had a daughter named Elizabeth who was disowned on 3 Aug 1773 for marrying out of unity to a Bealor. A son of John Vestal, was disowned for training in the Militia and hiring a substitute in the Revolutionary War. John died in 1776 in Berkeley County, Virginia, which is now a part of West Virginia.

7 Sep, 1775 - Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of John Vestal

30 Head of Sheep

1 white Mare and a dark Gray Colt

Old Gray Horse L 4 Black ditto L

Head of young Hogs

Head of Cattle

Work Oxen and a Yoke

A quantity of wheat in the sheaf supposed to be 175 Bushels  

12 Swarms or Hives of Bees

Sets Plough Irons 3 old ploughs 1 clevis & a sing

Dutch Plough or Scraper

The tire of a pair of old wagon wheels

The tire of a pair of Timber wheels a Timber Chain & large Clevis

3 Axes 1 Hatchet and 1 Iron Hammer

3 old hose 1 old shovel 1 Mattock

13 Harrow teeth

Pair iron wedges

1 Pair Old Stillyards

1 Brand Iron &c

A quantity of Rubish old Iron

1 Bar of Iron 4/ a parcel of old horse gears

1 Old saddle 6/ 8 pitch forks at

1 old Scythe &c 4/ 1 pair of old wagon ladders &c

a parcel of pewter

5 Sory Planes

a parcel of old Tin ware and three spoons

a parcel of knives & forks

A parcel of wooden ware 2 old Piggins 2 Tubs

2 Sory Flat Irons 3 old wooden bowls

1 Pair of fire Tongs 1 Shovel 1 Grid Iron and griddle

Iron Plates 3 pair pot Hooks & 2 Iron Pot Racke

old Dough Trough & 1 small pine Table 4 Sory small Calves

Spining wheels 2 old smooth Bored Guns

1 pair old saddle Bags 1 Plate

1 pine Chest chairs

1 Walnut Table 1 Spice mill other Lumber

1 Set of worsted Combs and a screw

1 old Case 2 Bottles and a Tin sugar Box

2 Beds furniture 2 Bedsteads 2 Cords & 1 warming pan

1 Desk and Book Case

1 old pine Table 1 Jug 1 Pigin and an old Brush old Pewter Basons

a parcel of Tallow

1 old Chaff Bed & indifferent Bed quilt 1 Crosscut saw & 1 small wood ditto

a quantity Iron spikes & a parcel of old Iron About 40 lbs wood at

1 old Bed Cord a small quantity Hemp

Thos. Howard a servant man who has to serve about 2 years and seven months is Included to Freedom Dues

Frances Lutonen Indentured Servant woman who has to serve about 2 years & 7 months

17 Geese

4 Yards Lute string Silk at

About 20,000 foot of Pine Plank

1 pair Mill stones 15 flour Barels

About 30 acres of Indian Corn now growing when gathered supposed to contain about 700 Bushels  

1 stack of Damaged Hay a parcel of Flax

1 Indifferent Wheat fan

A quantity of Hay

1 old silver watch

1 Flax Hackle

Thos Rutherford
John Sewell
Thos Hart
Benjamin Rankin
At a Court held for Berkeley County the 19th Day of March 1776 The inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John Vestall Deceased was returned and ordered to be recorded