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John Staton
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Staton, Staten, Stayton are all the same family. Names were changed because of education or disassociation from other family members.

The meaning of the Staton name: Dweller on the homestead where there was a wharf or boat landing.

Staton Motto: "En Dieu Ma Foy" My faith in God.

Etymology of the Staton Name: The name Staton and Stanton originated from the name Staunton, which dates back to the middle ages. The Staunton coat of arms had the Motto "En Dieu Ma Foy" under the shield, which shows a french origin. The second motto written above the shield in 1451 was added in England. "Moderata Durant" in Latin translates to Moderation is Difficult.

The Staunton's had been given Belvior castle near the southeast corner of Nottinghamshire, believed to be built by Robert de Todeni in the 11th century. It continued to pass ownership of this castle to the oldest son in each family until 1451. in that year the present Staunton owner died and his oldest son and heir Sir Robert Staunton was in the English navy. since there were no steamship or telegraphs at that time, it was several weeks before Sir Robert was informed that he was to assume ownership of Belvior castle. During this time Roberts sister and Brother Henry decided to take over ownership which was not according to English custom of the time. When sir Robert returned from sea he explained this condition and why he was not notified sooner. After much pleading and reasoning he was able to keep ownership of the castle. Robert Staunton was very displeased with all of this and removed the UN from his name and became Sir Robert Staton. Soon after 1700 the Belvior Castle became the Mansion of the Duke of Rutland and was no longer in the Staton name.

Sir Robert changed the coat of arms by placing a border wave on the right and left side of the shield to represent the sea as he was an admiral in the fleet. He kept the "En Dieu Ma Foy" and added "Moderata Durant". Since Sir Robert Changed the Coat of Arms in 1451, it has remained unchanged for over the past 500+ years

John Staton was born about 1644 in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England, to Mark Staton and Elizabeth Kirby. John Staton Anne Matthews, daughter of John Matthews, in 1665 at Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England. In 1666 John and Anne moved to Pennsylvania near the headwaters of the Mispillion River, which is now about four miles from the present city of Milford, Delaware. After the Revolutionary War, Delaware was formed from three counties of southern Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland. It appears John brought two of his brothers, Joseph and Simon, Anne's family and perhaps other family and friends with him. They called their new community “Statonville“. According to Rev. John Samuel Staton, Nehemiah Staton later changed the spelling to Staytonville to keep Irishmen and Scotsmen from calling it Statton.

John may have died early for there is no will or mention of him, unless he is the John who signed many documents as a witness. It is assumed he in or near Statonville, Delaware.