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John Rawlings
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John Rawlings was born about 1735 in Virginia. He is mentioned in the Lunenburg County, Virginia Order Book 3 on 2 Jul 1754: "William Anderson on petition against John Rolin defendant; petitioner to recover debt/cost." He is also listed as a neighbor in several Charlotte County, Virginia deeds John's land in Charlotte is usually referred to as on both sides of Reynold Creek which is a branch of Horsepen Creek. According to the Charlotte County deeds it is also on or near Sandy Creek.

An important duty of all free holders in early 19th century Virginia was the office of "surveyor of the road." The duties included opening and keeping clear a thirty foot wide road way and posting signs at intersections. The surveyors were generally appointed during the winter court sessions and served three or four year terms. The duty appears to have been rotated among the freeholders lying on the road and all were required to furnish assistance to the surveyor. Surveyors of the road described as leading from Wyllie's tavern to Robert's at Almonds included William Rawlins (1787-1790) and John Rawlins (1794-1798).

John Rawlings married twice. The first marriage was to Sally (unknown surname). His second marriage was to Neff Terrill, with the surety for this marriage dated 19 Jun 1781 in Charlotte County, Virginia. John died in about 1803 in Charlotte County, Virginia.


In the name of God amen I John Rawlins of the county of Charlotte being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make....& establish this my last Will and Testement. Ist, I lend unto by beloved wife all my Estates real and personal during her natural life or widowhood, 2ndly, I decree and direct that my children, Viz. Peggy Rawlins, Polly Rawlins, William Rawlins, John Rawlins, Nancy Rawlins, and Judah Rawlins to [be] maintained and educated out of my estate until they marry or come of age. 3rdly, I give to my two sons William Rawlins and John Rawlins after the death of my beloved wife, all my Landed estates to them and their heirs forever to be equally divided between them. 4thly, I desire that all my Personal estate be equally divided after my beloved wife's death between all my children, Viz. Sally James, Letty Fulks, Peggy Rawlins, Polly Rawlins, William Rawlins, John Rawlins, Nancy Rawlins, and Judah Rawlins except her feather beds, which I give to my daughters Peggy Rawlins and Polly Rawlins. 5thly, and Lastly, I appoint my friends Langston Bacon (?probably Robert) McCargo, and Edward Almond executors to this my last Will and testament. Dated ........1802. Probated Dec. 5,1803.

In a final disposition of his lands dated 17 Oct 1814, William Rawlins, John Rawlins & Neffee Rawlins to James McCargo all of Charlotte....on both sides of Reynolds Creek, 336 acres...all of that tract Of land that John Rawlins late of Charlotte Co. died possessed of & by his last will & testament directed land to be equally divided between his two sons William Rawlins, John Rawlins and wife Neffee Rawlins ....the use of said tract during her natural life or widowhood....