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James Brookshaw
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James Brookshaw was born about 1650 in Chesire, England. James Brookshaw and wife arrived in the Colony of Maryland aboard the “Friendship” in 1674. They came as indentured servants which indicates that they were unable to finance their own passage to America. Upon completing their period of service they could acquire and manage their own lands and properties. James and Mary settled in Somerset County, Maryland. James died 21 Feb 1726 in Dorchester County, Maryland.

Miscellaneous Records

From the Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1670\9-1868 by V. L. Skinner, Jr. In the Inventories and Accounts is a list of the debts for the estate of Capt. Thomas Walker. The list is dated 10 March 1680. The inventory was filed in Somerset County. Among many others is listed, JAMES BROOKSHAW.

From the Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1674-1678 and 1699-1703 by V. L. Skinner, Jr. 5 Dec 1676 Appraisers: James Collyer, Thomas Jones.
List of debts: Capt. Boston, William Caine, Lancelot Poole and Christopher Shawe, William Ebden, Robert Gardner, Robert Connersworth, James Armoster, JAMES BROOKSHAW.

Somerset County, Maryland Land Records
1681 Somerset County, Maryland. Brooksher(Brodsher), James, (owner), 150 Acres, “Bedlam Green,” patented October 5, 1681.
1722 Somerset County, Maryland. James Brookshire was witness to a land transaction.

1724 Somerset County, Maryland. Brooksher, James, July 1, 1724, Tax list, place: Monie Hundred.

The next records we have found of James Brookshaw, alias Bruckshire, are the inventory of his estate as found in the Inventories of Somerset Co., Maryland, liber 12, folio 144, and the settlement of his estate as found in Administration of Accounts, liber 8, folio 336. Both records are copied here in full:
Xd: An Inventory of Goods and Chattels of James Bruckshear's Estate Taken this 21st of Febr Anno Dom 1726/27.
To one hundred pound of bacon
To 19 pounds of pot Iron
To 30 pounds of pork
To five pounds & 1/2 of Tallow
To two young Steers at 17/ p head