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Jacob Springer
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The name Springer was originally Sprenger. It appeared in records where the record taker was primarily English speaking. In German church records and ship manifests the name was Sprenger.

Jacob Springer was born 1750 in Delaware. He married Elizabeth Harding 8 May 1769 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Jacob is also in the Daughter of the American Revolution rolls as performing patriotic service. This would be the signing of an oath of allegiance to the colonialists in Maryland. Jacob voted Federalist in the 1796 presidential election in Frederick Co. Md. (Brumbaugh, Maryland Records Vol I). He died 2 May 1831 in Jefferson County, Ohio

Will of Jacob Springer - Jefferson Co. Ohio

General file 264 (some portions unreadable or missing due to age.)

In the name of God, Amen. This 13th day of May in the year of Our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and (20) twenty I Jacob Springer Senior of Jefferson County in the state of Ohio being in perfect mind and good memory although a ____ in body. Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testment, that is to say:

Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the direction of my executor, nothing doubting but at the g------- I shall receive the same ------- of God ------.

--------- I do devise and dispose of it in the following manner and forever. (Item) I do allow my lawfull debts and funeral expenses to be paid out of my estate (Item) I do allow and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth two beds and bedding, the clock in the house, spinning wheel and -------- all the kitchen furniture with the cupboard, one table, one chest and desk, one cow, one of the rooms of the house with the priveledge of passing and repassing to the yard and on the premises at any time, and her maintenance of the place during her natural life in clothing and living and fifteen dollars in money yearly during her natural life. I do allow and bequeath to my son Jacob Springer, Jr. all my lands with the mills and improvements which is lying and being in the County of Jefferson, Ohio and in Section #30 SE 1/4 and SW 1/4 Sec. 24 Twp. 11 and 4th range to and for the ------- properly--------- and behoof of him the said Jacob Springer Jr. his heirs and assigns forever excepting the maintanance of his mother Elizabeth Springer and her living also to probide her with firewood with every necessarys and also to pay yearly unto her fifteen dollars during her natural life excepting as ------ be provided. And after my decease to pay to my other children here mentioned namely -Barbara, Christina, Catherina, Sarah, and Nancy, ------- each one hundred dollars to be paid to ---------- of them within three years after------ excepting my daughter Barbara. (bottom lines torn and unreadable)

----------- Hundred acres of land lying below me. Island Creek in Taylor County, Virginia, I do bequeath to my daughter Barbara's children to be equally divided amongst them. Namely his sons Solomon, Samuel and Charles Duel and his daughters Ruth and Rachel and to pay to Benjaman Duel the sum of five dollars. I also bequeath to my daughters each namely Catherine, Sarah & Nancy each to have one hundred acres of my land lying in Taylor County Virginia, and also to my daughter Christina I bequeath her share of money and one hundred acres of the aforesaid land to her three children to be equally divided between William, Elizabeth and Christina ( the said Christina being married to John Ramsburg) I also bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth marred to Henry Isenaugle one hundred acres of land where he now lives to be laid off on the east side of the quarter section. I also bequeath to my daughter Sarah Married to John Miller fifty dollars to be paid by Jacob Springer Jr. to the said Sarah after my decease. I also give and bequeath to my son Jacob Springer Jr. two horses all my carpenters tools, shovels, halters, and picks for his use. Lastly I do likewise constitute, make and ordain my son Jacob Springer and John Showber to be my whole and sole executors of this last will and testament, giving and investing them with full power to sell and convey my estate both real and personal not otherwise provided for. I do hereby utterly disavow all and every other wills and bequeath ------- my last will and testament in writing whereof I Jacob Springer Sr. have hereunto set my hand and seal. The date first written, signed, sealed in the presence of who at his request have signed our names as witnesses,
Wm. Heald Jacob Springer (signature)
Joseph Springer (signatures)

Codicil to the foregoing will of Jacob Springer.
I Jacob Springer of Springfield Township in Jefferson County and State of Ohio do this twenty eighth day of July A.D. 1828 make and publish this codicil to my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say I give and bequeath unto Margaret Springer my daughter in law and widow of my son Jacob Springer deceased, the full right of living on the premises she now lives until the children she now has become of age------ and also sixty bushels of wheat yearly until the youngest child she now has becomes of age, and also that what is bequeathed to my son Jacob Springer in my last will and testament shall be bequeathed to his children and delivered to them when they become of age by executor and lastly it is my desire that this my codicil be delivered to and made a part of my last will and testament to all intent and purpose in witness thereof I have ------ and seal on the -----
Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Jacob Springer as a codicil to be assigned to his last will and testament in the presence of
William B. Powell
William Springer (x mark)