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George Gill
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George Gill was born 15 Feb 1753 in Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland. A professional researcher in Ireland said the Gills and Hamiltons had land next door to each other in Ireland. Patrick Hamilton held lease of land previously held by Patrick Hamilton in 1693. He Emigrated to America 1756 at the same time as George Gill. He was already married. His daughter Jennet must have been born after the family reached America. Both Patrick Hamilton and George Gill had held leases from the Clanbrassil estate; George Gill at Clanbrassil near Lurgan and Patrick Hamilton at Granshaw, Comber, Down, Ireland. George enlisted as a private in the Revolutionary War in the 1st Regiment, South Carolina, under William Brown in 1775. He was in the battle of Middletown under General Williamson. George died 2 Dec 1833 in Wayne, Tennessee

Remarks on family genealogy written by George Washington Gill Averett:

Sometime after the surrender of Commander Wallace, they emigrated to North Carolina, and had one child, Mary Gill. Soon after, Grandfather George Gill and his wife Gennett emigrated on pack animals to the Daniel Boone settlement in the wilds of Kentucky, there lived and Fort-ed and fought with Daniel Boone in the early settlement of that state, and finally settled in Baron County, Kentucky, some of them married there.

Soon after this, in the early settlement of the Duck River country in Tennessee, my grandfather moved from the State of Kentucky to Duck River also, I think Wayne county and lived there and in the adjoining county - Maury county, until he and grandmother Gennett Gill both died, I think in Wayne County Tennessee. Some of their family died in the same county, some before and others afterward.

My uncles Robert, John and Peter Gill and, perhaps James Gill, served in the war of 1812 to 1815. Some of them fought under General Andrew Jackson in the south and some of them under General Harrison in the battle of Tippecanoe and other places; all of them being patriotic freeborn american citizens, always ready and willing to help "maintain" that American independence that their Father George Gill and their Grandfather of the same name, George Gill, and the many Revolutionary fathers fought and died for to gain. The Gill family, as far as known, fought as both private soldiers and one of the family as an officer. All as far as I have been agble to learn, have been true to the cause of liberty. My grandfather George Gill lived to have the privilege of drawing a pension for many years before his death.

Pension File Records

George Gill, Jr. File #2827 gives an order to John Mills of Chester to collect what is due him for his service in Revolution according to stub indent of file (Indent is in file but I did not abstract) Capt. John Mills signed. Many of the men, rather than take a trip to Charleston or to Columbia to collect the indent pay, (Indent was a sort of script money and drew interest and payable 2 to 5 years after 1785) either sold the indent or wrote an order to a neighbor to collect the indent and the interest and often at separate times.

George Gill appeared in Court in Wayne Co., TN 25 March 1823, and stated that he first enlisted under Capt. Wm. Beavan in SC, now Chester Dist., in Dec. 1775 and marched to Charleston in Apr. 1776 for about 18 months. This unit was under Col. Thomas Sumter of the 1st Regt. of Riflemen of the South Carolina Line. George Gill was in the Battle of Middletown in the Cherokee Nation when Gen. Williamson fought the Indians. He was living in Wayne Co., TN in 1823, mentions two daughters: Matty under 18 and Mary under 16 and unhealthy, plus a wife, Jennet (born c1764), aged 60 years on 11 May 1823 and healthy. The girls must be Patsy b1804 and Nancy b1806. George could not write and signed by "X" mark.

George Gill, Revolutionary War Pension application No. 38726, in revolution from Chester, gave his birth year as 1753. He removed from Chester and was living in Wayne Co., TN age 70 in 1823 when he applied for a pension. His wife Jennet was born 11 May 1764. The pension was allowed. The pensioner was born 15 Feb.1753 and died in Hardin Co., TN 2 Dec. 1833. Only two children are mentioned, in 1823 the veteran said he had Mattie Gill a daughter aged 18 and Nancy Gill aged 16. In 1855 the daughter Mrs. Nancy Gill Lynch stated that she was the only daughter or child of George Gill then alive. Jennett Gill the widow died 2 July 1840. The veteran enlisted 1775 under Capt. Wm. Brown in Gen.Sumter's regiment.