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Daniel Shipman
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Daniel Shipman was born in about 1715 in Hamburg, Germany. The original spelling of the surname Shipman was Schiffmann. The Schiffmann family lived about eighteen miles southeast of Hamburg Germany on the Elbe River. Mr. and Mrs. Schiffmann and their two small sons, Joseph and Daniel, began a trip to Wales where they intended to obtain passage to New Jersey in America. During the trip to Wales or soon after their arrival Mr. Schiffmann died. In a short time the widow married a man named Gage. Some sources say that at the time of the marriage Mr. Gage had a son, David Gage who would have been a step brother to the Schiffmann boys. Other sources indicate that David was a half brother. If the later is true, this would mean that he was born after the marriage of Mrs. Schiffmann and Mr. Gage. In either case the family was to remain in Wales for some years.

By the late 1720's the boys made the earlier planned trip to America by themselves. They set sail, landing on the New Jersey shores sometime in the early 1730's. It appears that sometime during their voyage the name of Schiffmann was changed to Shipman. Joseph Shipman is said to have settled in the New Jersey area. David Gage married Abigail Burleson soon after his arrival. They moved with her parents to Lunenberg County, Virginia.

Daniel Shipman is said to have gone to Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Staying several years, he was not happy there so he moved to Lunenberg County, Virginia. where he could be near the Gage family. Upon his arrival it is said he married Elizabeth Burleson, a sister of Abigail and the daughter of Aaron Burleson. No records have been found to date to substantiate the above account of the early Shipman, but the same story has been told with a few variations by several researchers. Daniel died 8 Nov 1798 in Warren, Kentucky.

Will of Daniel Shipman

Be it remembered that on the Eight Day of November one thousand seven hundred and ninty eight that DANIEL SHIPMAN, senior, Dec'd as he lay sick on his bed though in his perfect mind and memory not having an oportunity of a written will made and apointed this his perfect will in the Distribution of his Property Viz: Item one, Negro man named Dick and one Negro woman named Beck with two geldings called Dick and ____ with twenty pounds due to the above named Daniel Shipman from one of his daughters which said twenty pounds to be and remain in her hands until a division of the above mentioned is brought to an equal division between his oldest children to wit: Sarah Harrinton, Edward Shipman, the heir of Jacob Shipman, Anna Lee, Daniel Shipman, Lucrecey Gage, who owes the above twenty pounds, Feeby Crawford, Rebecca Siscoe and Mary Johnson. The above named Negroes and horses to be equally divided among the above named children except the twenty pounds due from Lucy Gage which is not to be in any part taken from her if her equal cut should not amount to the said twenty pounds----and by Item 1 I give all the remainder of my personal property to my beloved wife Feeby Shipman and her two small children Temperance Shipman and David Shipman, which children is to be raised and educated on the sum which property to be and remain in the hands of the above named Feeby Shipman during her natural life time and after her decease then to belong to the above named Temperance and David Shipman--if under age to be at the care and discretion of the Executors of this will, which is Daniel Shipman, Robert Lee, Isaac Crawford. NB. I desire that none of my estate shall be sold, but be divided agreable to the above. By Daniel Greene one of the Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid appeared Thomas Downs and Fanny Downs who being sworn as the law directs saith on their oath that there were both personally preasant in company with the above named Daniel Shipman now Dec'd on the day that he died and heard him pointing out his will and did understand the above written Instrument of writing to contain his particular will in full and that they believe he was in his perfect true senceat the same time sworn to before me this 13th Day of November 1798.
Thomas Downs
Fanny Downs
Daniel Green JP