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Conrad Dick

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Conrod Dick was born about 1725 in Germany. Conrod and his wife, Anna Catherine, were living in Frederick County, Maryland as early as 15 August 1755. At that time all of a tract of land called "Mon Hime", lying on a small creek leading into Beaver Dam Branch in Frederick County, Maryland containing 100 acres was surveyed and patented to Conrod Dick. Beaver Dam Branch is a branch of Little Pipe Creek.

Conrod and Catherine Dick, she relinquishing her dower right, sold this land to William Aldridge on 23 March 1764, after which they left Frederick County. Conrod was called a weaver in the deed. “Mon Hime“, apparently, was his own name for the land and may have been named for the township of Manheim in Lancaster County, PA. There is also a village of Manheim in Bavaria located about 80 miles south of Nurnbery in Germany.

On 28 March 1758 Maris Catherine Dick, daughter of Conrod Dick, and his wife, Anna Catherine, were christened in the German Reformed Church of Frederick County, Maryland.

Conrod purchased 200 acres of land from Martin Sheets in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1774. The land was located on Hodge's Fork, a branch of the Uwaree River, now in Davidson or Randolph County. He sold this land to Adam Bowers on 20 December 1785. Conrod Dick was granted 70 acres of land on Rones Creek in Wilkes County, North Carolina, 28 November 1792. He died about 1797 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, presumably on this land.