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Alice Glover
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Alice Glover was born about 1663 in Kingsclere, Hampshire, England. Her name is spelled Allice, Alice and Alica, depending on which source she is found in. Her first husband was John Brunsden, with whom she had three children: John, Hannah and Alice. She is mentioned owning land under her first husband’s name in a description of the Birmingham/Concord road in Oct 1687, suggesting her husband had died.

John Brunsden, Alice and her parents were Quakers. When she married William Vestal at the Brandywine Baptist Church in about 1692, she was condemned by the Quakers for marrying out of unity. She was taken back to the Quakers when she made a public apology for it, but within several years, converted to the Baptist faith on 10 Jun 1697/98.

After William Vestal‘s death, Alice and their son William were officially deed 125 acres of land previously agreed upon by her late husband and Benjamin Mendenhall. She died 20 Mar 1706 in East Bradford, Bucks, Pennsylvania.