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First Indian War
James Hensley

Dunmore's War
Col. James Rogers; 1774, Capt James Persons' roll, present day West Virginia

Revolutionary War
Aaron Averett
John Andrew Turnbaugh
George Gill; Private, South Carolina Militia
Robert Gill, Sr.; Private, South Carolina Militia
Abraham Faith; Private, Capt Mann's Company; 15 Aug 1776 - 19 Nov 1779
William Samuel Hensley - Private, Virginia
Capt Henry Rhoads - Under General Muhlenberg
Col. James Rogers; Virginia Militia; Kentucky Militia
Major Watson; Private; 1st Regiment, New York Line
Andrew Amos Johnson - Private, Capt Phillip's Company, 1st Regiment New Jersey; 1776-1776; Colonel Holmes' Regiment New Jersey; 1776-1779

War of 1812
Johan Conrad Pool; Private, Russell's Battalion, Ohio Militia; Private, 1st Regiment, Ohio Militia
Alexander James, Sr.

Civil War - Union
Jonathan Cottel Turnbaugh; Private, Company A, Unit 3rd Missouri State Militia Calvary; Private, Company C, 99th Illinois Infantry

Civil War - Confederate
Solomon Kendrick Noe
Thomas Henton Powell

Mexican-American War
Alexander Wade James

Other Patriotic Service
Jacob Springer - Listed in DAR - signing of an oath of allegiance to the colonialists in Maryland.
Hans Michael Goodnight - Listed in DAR - Constable in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in 1775