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Ancestry Report

Privacy Policy: While I attempt to keep living people's information private, I am in no way responsible if the information appears here.

The reality is that your name and your date of birth are NOT private - if you don't believe me, you can look up my birth record, which lists my full name, birthdate and birth location, and my mother's maiden name. Then you can go into more public records and find out my address and phone number. Even if you have removed your name from telephone books and stuff, utility records and such still exist. All the information I have on living people have come from public sources.

Case in point - a number of my law enforcement friends remove their names and addresses from telephone books and such for their own safety, and yet I found their names, their spouse's names, addresses, and phone numbers in public records indexes that I accessed online. I imagine they would be shocked to find this out as I was.

If you are concerned about identity theft, I suggest closely guarding your social security number (including sending in credit card offers through the mail), checking your credit report and stop using you mother's maiden name as a security question. Do not give evil people a chance to hurt you.

With that said, if it comes to my attention that a living person's information is listed, I will attempt to remove it.